Our History

History of RapidFire

RapidFire Rentals was founded in 2016 by Brian Johnston and James Kraus, while they worked for the same company. Their extensive experience in the industry allowed them to see a void in the rental business. The vision of the company started as a simple equipment rental company providing customers with specialized equipment that was not easily accessibile in the field. In August of 2017, a rare opportunity arised which would shape the company into what it has become today.

Given the opportunity to purchase over 30 housing accommodations, custom water and sewer containers, as well as all of the auxiliary equipment, Brian and James decided to bring on a 3rd partner, Jake Javitt, to handle the finances. They were faced with the largest challenge of their lives; to raise enough capital to acquire the equipment, and employee 5 full-time employees, without disrupting the customer relationship they had secured. After being denied multiple times by various banks, they were able to secure the financing needed to get RapidFire off the ground on what was literally the last hour.

February 1st, 2018 RapidFire Rentals took over an entire oil and gas drilling program which operates in the Western PA, Eastern OH, and Northern WV regions. By the middle of 2018, RapidFire Rentals was suppling accommodations for up to 15 rig sites, and had grown to 8 full-time employees. The company continues to look at ways to grow by offering a variety of different equipment other than accommodations for the oil and gas industry and being able to supply customers with a service that stands above the competition. The employees make RapidFire what it is today and what is going to be in the future, The Heavy Equipment Champions.